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Herbal colon treatment

Herbal colon treatment

Hello Visitors to the biology blog today will discuss herbal colonic treatment. we'll mention the tried herbs that help treat the colon and therefore the disorders that affect the systema digestorium mostly .
As the symptoms of the colon are concentrated within the bowel, which becomes clear with acute pain that the patient feels during his laxation, especially after eating the person feels uncomfortable thanks to the pain, and that we will mention in our article this the simplest method of herbal treatment, God willing.
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Herbal colon treatment

Symptoms of the colon

We will explain the common symptoms of an individual with a colon, which is summarized as follows :
             Cramps within the area of the massive intestine.
             Abdominal gas.
             Sometimes constipation or diarrhea.
             Sometimes a headache.
             High acidity of the stomach that causes esophageal burning.

Tips to avoid colon infection or reduce the severity of the colon

You should follow the following tips that help reduce the colon if the person is infected or avoid the injury if the person is healthy and it is:
  Not to eat spices of all types.
 Reducing the intake of rice, whole grains, and vegetables, since it contains a high rate of         hydrohydrates, which successively bloat the massive intestine, and successively causes colic.
• Avoid high-sugar gaseous liquids.
• Relax, rest, and avoid noise the maximum amount as possible, because it affects irritable bowel syndrome.

Colon treatment using herbs

There are many herbs proven within the treatment of colon naturally without the employment of commercial medicines, and these herbs are healthy, that is, they are doing not affect, and are represented by:

1- mint

It is considered one in all the tried herbs for calming the colon, because it contains a high percentage of volatile oils, and it are often enamored a vegetable meal and salad.

2- The ring

Fenugreek could be a very effective plant for treating the colon because it contains high levels of laxatives that help to induce eliminate waste easily and sputter outside the body, and also features a role in regulating the digestion process.

3- ginger

Ginger is one in all the herbs rich in substances that help to maneuver the bowel nervous, because it is helpful for treating bowel infections, and works as a sedative.

4- Honey

It is known that honey could be a cure for several diseases. it's easy to digest, unlike processed sugars. it's an expeller of gases from the abdomen, and also helps in maintaining the liner of the intestine.

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