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Types of preservatives and the purpose for their use

Types of preservatives and the purpose for their use

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Welcome to the blogger, today we will talk about  this article about preservatives and their types as well as the purpose of using their.We will start with the types of preservatives,as each substance has its own characteristics, specifications, and impact. Preservatives are divided into three main groups, which we will talk about in detail.

First: inorganic preservatives

These materials are widely used in foods such as table salt with cheese, as well as phosphoric acid in soft drinks, such as inorganic preservatives:

1-Sulfur dioxide SO2 I

is a widespread gas and is used as a water soluble gas consisting  ofsulfuric acid, which is used to eliminate micro-organisms, as well as used to sterilize the walls of factories, floors, and soil surrounding the laboratory.

2-Carbon dioxide gas

Carbon dioxide is used in food cold rooms such as meat, poultry and fruit, as it replaces air in the room and prevents the growth of microorganisms.


Ozone gas is very potent with live organic matter And non-living, and is used in the treatment of fishand soft drinks water because it is very effectiveagainst microorganisms . But the only drawback is that it oxidizes fats in food and generates a rancid scent that affects some amino acids.

4-Hydrogen peroxide

It is a widely used preservative material as it is used to store the milk Instead of pasteurization by adding the enzyme catalase and then its residue is eliminated, which is a strong factor that causes corrosion of minerals, hands and skin

5-salt Nacl

It is a chemical used in food and is considered one of the oldest preservatives used for food preservationIt is a very safe substance, as it works to inhibit microscopic neighborhoods with a concentration of 3-5% and uses higher, concentrations including 15-20% in preserving meat and fish.
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